The fans ask him to dance and duizhang just kind of spazzes…


kids my age: gets drunk & smokes weed

me: sometimes when it’s cold outside I like to breathe heavily and pretend I’m a dragon

  • my husband’s wedding vow: i still remember the day i saw your blog full of pictures and gifs of me and the boys

Favorite Kyungsoo moments

Embarrassing leader stripping during cold weader

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Baby & I (1/?)

Title: Baby & I (1/?)
Fandom: EXO
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, Sehun/OC
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Tragedy
Word Count: 1990
Summary: Sehun’s world is torn apart after his best friend, Luhan, dies saving him. At Luhan’s funeral, Sehun meets someone no one outside of the Lu family knew existed until that very day: Luhan’s younger sister. Is this fate, the light at the end of the dark tunnel for Sehun? Or is it a false illusion of happiness that shrouds the true reality surrounding his best friend’s death?
A/N: Ugh this update took forever because I was busy with finals and such. Please bear with me! ;_; ~updates now will be once every Sunday (hopefully).



  • the Evolution of Dui Zhang

awww bby dun cry